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Have you seen the League Edition of XLRstats yet?

XLRstats version 3 is in the making and available for download. Check out the new website at www.xlrstats.com

Searching for XLRstats hosting?

The quickest way to get your XLRstats website up and running is to buy a subdomain on xlrstats.com. For instance 10tr.xlrstats.com will result in instant stats for your clan!

The only thing I need is to have remote access to your database. You can test connectivity and apply for a subdomain with our server application form. I will set things up for you so you can test it for two weeks. You will receive an email with a payment link for one year subdomain hosting for €25,-. Once paid, you will be able to add more servers to your subdomain with access to xlrstats dashboard.

The testing period of 14 days is for you to determine if the connection to your xlrstats database from our website is stable and fast enough.